The Best Grill for Apartment Balcony

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Grilling is a simple and easy procedure if you have the right tools and equipment for the job, but in most cases, it also requires some space and a sizeable work area, depending on the number of people you are entertaining.

This article will cover the best grills for an apartment because grilling can become quite tricky when you live in an apartment. There are usually some laws and regulations regarding this.

How You can Grill When Living in an Apartment

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You can grill on the balcony of your apartment using any grill, though I would recommend an electrical or Gas grill that does not make too much smoke. However, some Apartment buildings come with either a small courtyard per apartment or even an allocated public Barbeque area that you can use. So all in all, the grilling method you will use will depend on the type of Partment you live in and the facilities it offers.

You can easily use an outdoor Charcoal grill if you have a courtyard or public grill area. However, if you are grilling indoors or on an apartment balcony, I recommend a smaller Electrical or Gas grill.

There are also many other factors to consider when grilling in your apartment area;

  • Apartment BBQ and Grilling Laws – Many countries have laws that outlaw grilling in apartment buildings because it creates a fire hazard. So you will need to know the specific laws in the area where you stay.
  • Balcony Grill – Grilling on your Balcony or in your apartment courtyard using a fire pit grill top will be your best option, though you will need to consult the management of the building first before attempting a BBQ.
  • Open Flame Grilling – In most apartment Buildings, Open Flame grilling is prohibited, so you will need a grill that does not have open flames. Here I would recommend an Electrical grill type.
  • Charcoal Grill – The Charcoal grill is best used in an outdoor patio or public BBQ area in your apartment Building area, as it is also considered an open-flame grill.

Types of Grills For Your Apartment

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For the most part, you will need a smaller and more compact style grill as space limitation is usually the main issue when living in an apartment. Besides this, here are a few types of grills that you can consider after confirming the laws and related rules and regulations for BBQs at your apartment building.

  • Electrical Grill – The Electrical grill is your best option as an indoor grill and will work well inside the apartment or on your balcony or enclosed patio. There are many sizes available in the electric grill, so you can choose what is right for you, depending on your available space. The electrical grill is fast, easy to use, plugin, and can be placed on any secure surface top.
  • Gas Propane/LPG or Natural Gas Grill – A more costly option, fueled with gas, LPG, propane, or natural gas that is virtually smoke-free. This is a good idea for indoor and outdoor use for apartments.
  • Charcoal Grill – The Charcoal Grill is by far the most authentic and will give your foods the best flavor. Though the Charcoal grill emits plenty of smoke and is classified as an open flame grill, it is only for outdoors if the laws and rules permit it. This type of grill is available in many shapes and sizes that will fit your budget and your available space.

Features of a Good Grill For Apartments

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  • Stainless steel or steel coated Grate.
  • Rustproof aluminum or porcelain-coated design.
  • Portable and compact size.
  • With or without wheels.
  • Infrared or Gas indoor option.
  • Charcoal Outdoor option.
  • Easy cleaning system.
  • Temperature control.

How We Test and Score Grill for Apartment Balcony

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These reviews are based on intense research, analysis, and feedback from our experts and real users from different digital platforms.

We spent 39 hours trying, testing, and scoring these Grill for Apartment Balcony for different key parameters and then shortlisted the best products in the market, saving you time and effort.

We used the following parameters for our tests and analysis.

  • Temperature Control – We observed how helpful temperature control was in grilling to avoid overcooked and undercooked food.
  • Grilling Surface – We compared whether the size of the grill’s surface is just suitable for its purpose.
  • Non-Stick – We checked how non-sticky the grill was, which made cooking and cleaning much easier.
  • Durability is – We researched how long users can use these grills without any reported changes in their quality or design.
  • Style – We analyzed how appealing the design or style of the grill is as if it could meet the user’s expectations.

Reviews: The Best Grill For Apartments

Here are some of the Top Choices for Grills to use in an apartment Building.
We hope you love the grills we recommend!
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Reviewed by: John Max Score: 96.75

Weber is one of the most popular Grill names on the market today. I have chosen their classic design for outdoor use in apartment buildings with outdoor BBQ facilities.
  • A nonstick cooking area that offers a spacious space for various food items.
  • The grill is highly adjustable and easily controls heat levels with the upper and lower vent.
  • This item provides a removable ash catcher that gives you hassle-free cleanup.
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl that is durable and rust-resistant.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Temperature Control25%100
Grilling Surface25%100
Total Score100%96.75

The Solaire is a portable Infrared and Gas operated Grill for indoor and outdoor apartment use.
  • An Infrared ceramic and stainless steel burner with an electronic ignition button for easy use.
  • Compact in size with 140 inches of cooking area, giving you ample space for grilling.
  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for family and friends occasions.
  • The Solaire grill heats up quickly and is ready to use in 2 to 3 minutes.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Temperature Control25%100
Grilling Surface25%100
Total Score100%95.75

The Simple Living advanced Indoor Smokeless BBQ grill is perfect for indoor apartment use and is powered with Infrared smokeless technology.
  • It is nonstick, won’t dry the meat, and has a tasty flavor while remaining tender and moist.
  • It has a consistent temperature that cooks evenly around the entire grill surface.
  • Small in size and fits perfectly on any countertop in small apartments.
  • It is perfect to use anytime with family and friends while having quality time together.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Temperature Control25%100
Grilling Surface25%95
Total Score100%94.5

The PK Original is an outdoor grill that uses charcoal as fuel. This grill is ideal for apartment buildings, with an outdoor BBQ facility for open-flame grills.
  • A Grill and smoker in one that uses charcoal as fuel.
  • Cast aluminum construction that is lightweight, durable, and rustproof.
  • Portable design with wheels and a stand.
  • There are 300 square inches of cooking space.

Superb for entertaining friends or larger family, ideal indoor and outdoor Grill for larger apartments or cluster homes.
A great indoor and outdoor entertainer, the Char-Broil 300 is your best bet for family and entertainment Grilling.
  • A two-burner system and 24 000-BTU Gas unit.
  • There are 300 square inches of primary cooking area, and the grates are coated with porcelain to be rustproof.
  • Stainless steel lid and UFC, For durability and appeal.
  • Fast electronic ignition and metal side shelves for food preparation can be folded away easily.
  • It Also features a convenient storage cabinet.

The Char-Broil Bistro is an all-in-one Grill cooker perfect for outdoor use or on your balcony.
  • Features 240 square inches of cooking space with an additional 80-inch warming rack.
  • Uses Electrical TRU-Infrared technology to cook for fewer flare-ups and no smoke.
  • There are folding side shelves for storage and food preparation.
  • Easy to use temperature control knobs and an additional storage rack.
  • This Grill is available in a red, black, or Graphite color option.

  • An electric grill by George Foreman for indoor apartment use without making any smoke.
  • You can make 15 servings at one time on the 240 square inches grilling surface.
  • It comes with a temperature probe, so you can choose from 5 heat settings to cater to all types of foods.
  • Durable non-stick grilling plate, easy to clean, and eliminates the need for butter and oil.

  • This searing grill by Hamilton Beach allows you to grill all year long, both indoor and outdoor.
  • For best results, it allows you to sear at 450 degrees or use the adjustable temperature dial to grill at a lower heat.
  • The grill hood can be closed for signature grill marks and opened for high searing.
  • You can cook up to 6 servings at one time on a grilling surface of 118 square inches.

  • It comes with a Smart Cook System for multi-style cooking.
  • The indoor countertop grill and air fryer allow you to sear, sizzle, and crisp all types of goods.
  • The 500F cyclonic grilling technology, combined with a 500F grill grate, gives char-grilled marks and flavor.
  • It offers four smart protein settings, nine customizable doneness levels, and a smart thermometer for perfect cooking.

Index Table: Top Rated Grill For Apartmentss

1Weber Original - Outdoor Apartment Charcoal Kettle Grill
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Temperature Control Dampers
  • Plated Steel Grate
2Solaire SOL-EV17A - Apartment Patio or Balcony Infrared Grill
  • Portable
  • Stainless Steel
  • Travel size
3Simple Living Advanced - Smokeless Infrared Grill for Indoor Apartment Use
  • Smokeless
  • Special Reflectors
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Turbo Speed
Simple Living94.5
4PK Grills Original Outdoor - Apartment Outdoor Grill
  • Temperature Control
  • Portable
PK Grills98
5Char Broil Performance 300 - Apartment Patio or Balcony Gas and Charcoal Grill
  • Stainless steel Lid
  • 2-Burner
  • Large Grate
Char Broil96
6Char-Broil Patio Bistro - Outdoor and Balcony Grill for Apartments
  • Porcelein Coated
  • Rust Resistant Grates
7George Foreman Indoor - Electric Grill
  • 15-Serving
  • Silver
George Foreman97.6
8Hamilton Beach Electric - Indoor Searing Grill
  • with Nonstick Plate
  • 6-Serving
Hamilton Beach97.1
9Ninja Smart XL - Indoor Grill
  • 4-Quart
  • 6-in-1

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