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If you are someone who enjoys backpacking and traveling, or even just for camping and picnics outdoors, a Backpacking Grill is a perfect tool that will make a quick BBQ simple and easy, anywhere you go.

There are many varieties and options from a plain and simple grill, too many additional features to make the experience much more enjoyable.

What Exactly Constitutes a Backpacking Grill

Backpacking, camping, or even Picnics can be fun and adventurous outdoor activities, which can be enjoyed anywhere you desire.
Either way, the time will come when you get hungry, and it may not always be possible to visit a food store or restaurant, or maybe you want something more natural and home-cooked.

This is where a good backpacker’s grill will come in quite handy and can be loads of fun to add to that.

The main features of any good portable or backpacking grill are that it needs to be THIN, LIGHTWEIGHT, and FOLDABLE.

Most backpacking BBQ grills are ultra-lightweight and can fold up quite small and compact to smoothly fit into your backpack while still being sturdy and large enough for you to use and enjoy a good barbecue with.

How To Grill When Backpacking

Here are a few considerations and etiquettes to follow when you decide to barbecue in a camp, picnic, or any other outdoor area;

  • Check for Fire Bans – when planning your trip, or deciding on an area, make sure that there are no fire restrictions or permits required to make a fire. Likewise, make sure that the area is safe to start a fire and that there is no dry grass or materials that could spread the fire.
  • Prepare Your Meat and Foods – It is a good idea always to trim extra fat from your meat to prevent flare-ups in the fire and to have a bottle of water at hand to control large flames. Pre all your foods beforehand and marinade your meats for tasting so that you can barbecue easily in an area where you will not have the convenience and space for food preparation.
  • Freeze Meats – When going on your trip, make sure that your meat is frozen for that day before you start your trip or go to your camping site so that it can defrost and not become spoiled in the heat. Likewise, never refreeze meat that has become completely thawed.
  • Pack The Right Tools – Pack in a lightweight and foldable Grill that is clean, with clean tools such as tongues and a fork, and a grill brush, which you will need to cook your food with. Also, remember spices and condiments to flavor your meal with.
  • Area – make sure that the spot where you are going to make your fire is safe, and there are no trees above or dry grass and branches that can ignite, causing the fire to spread. If an existing fire pit or ring is visible, it is safe to use and should be your first option.
  • Prep Your Fire – You can now start and prep your fire; make sure that the wood or coals are red hot and that all flames are down before you place your grill over the fire. You can use wood or rocks to place your grill on if you do not have a grill with a stand. Although always avoid river rocks as they may explode with heat.
  • Don’t Forget a Lighter – A firefighter or matches is vital as the rubbing together of rocks for a spark is not always effective or everyone’s forte, so instead, bring a backup.
  • Oil the Grill – make sure that your grill is cleaned and thoroughly oiled before you start using it so that meats and foods do not stick to the grill.
  • Clean Up – always leave the area as you found it, or in a better condition. Ensure that your damper the coals and that they are completely out, and spread the ashes. Clean up all foods, wrappers, papers, and rubbish you left before leaving the area.

Features of a Good Backpacking Grill

  • Lightweight – Your Backpacking grill will be carried in your backpack for the entire trip so any good portable grill needs to be very lightweight.
  • Durable – Durability and good quality is essential if you want a grill that will not break with the first few uses and that will last. Stainless steel and aluminum are suitable materials to consider in this regard.
  • Stand – Some Backpacking grills come with an additional or built-in stand, which I would say is highly recommended and required so that you do not need to use rocks or wood pieces to hold up your grill.
  • Extras – There are a few models of backpacking grills that come with their own fire pit or stove design for different cooking methods and keep the coals and wood of the fire in one spot.
  • Foldable – Just as important is that your grill can fold up into a small and compact size that easily fits in your backpack.
  • Storage – Most Backpacking and portable grill models will come with their easy storage bag or holder for traveling.

Reviews: The Best Backpacking Grill

Here are some lightweight and compact options in Grill for Backpacking;
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  • The grill consists of durable stainless steel that is thick and can fold into a 1.5-inch compact size to fit into your backpack.
  • The fire pit comes in a regular and mini size option and folds very small.
  • A very Stable base for grilling,, and a quick one minute set up.
  • It contains fire safety, and the fire pit is likewise rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Available in a mini or regular size option.
  • ">
    Score: 97.8
    This is an excellent two in Fire Pit and grill from UCO, the Flatpack, very popular and superb quality.
    • The grill consists of durable stainless steel that is thick and can fold into a 1.5-inch compact size to fit into your backpack.
    • The fire pit comes in a regular and mini size option and folds very small.
    • A very Stable base for grilling,, and a quick one minute set up.
    • It contains fire safety, and the fire pit is likewise rust and corrosion-resistant.
    • Available in a mini or regular size option.

    2 The Bushcraft Grill is a welded stainless steel grill that is heavy duty with a mesh platform to place all types of foods on.
    • Thicker and more durable welded stainless steel.
    • Extremely lightweight and easily fordable.
    • It will fit into most size backpacks easily.
    • Comes with a carry case nylon bag.

    3 The Wolf Grizzly grill is a lightweight and compact grill perfect for camping, picnics, and backpacking.
    • Collapses to the size of a water bottle for convenient space-saving storage in your backpack.
    • Adjustable height stand to accommodate any fuel source.
    • It comes with a carry case, fire starter, cleaning tool, and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
    • Made from 100% stainless steel for rustproof durability.

    4 The Nashrio is a portable Camping and backpacking grill made from tough and rustproof stainless steel.
    • Easily collapsible with a hanging option for storage.
    • Very easy to clean and comes with a convenient carry tube.
    • Lightweight and compact enough to carry in your backpack.
    • Excellent design and assembly within minutes.

    5 I love the Survival Knight design, which is a grill, Fire Kit, and Stove in one, which collapses into a small and compact size, perfect for backpacking, camping, and picnics.
    • It is made from highly durable anti-corrosion treated stainless steel.
    • An easy fold-up design that is easy to assemble and heats up very fast.
    • A three in one design Stove, Fire Pit, and Grill.
    • Very lightweight and inexpensive when it comes to fuel consumption, you mainly need a few branches and twigs.


    Basic and easy foldable design Grill and Wood Burner from RedCamp is lightweight and very easily portable and compact, not to mention an affordable price.

    The Folding Burner and Grill are small, lightweight, and compact enough for your backpack with everything you need for your outdoor barbecue.

    • The grill folds down very flat for easy storage.
    • Almost no assembly required, and very quick and easy to unfold.
    • A stable and sturdy bracket that can even hold skillets and pots.
    • Stainless steel design that will not rust or corrode.

    • This compact grill is designed to easily fit inside a backpack.
    • It allows you to heat a meal, water, or coffee over a simple campfire.
    • It measures 12.5 x 6.5 inches in size and stands almost 7 inches tall.
    • This affordable grill is sturdy, with chrome-plated steel construction.

    • This is a stable and durable stove grill designed for rugged backpacking.
    • It is made with stainless steel in an ultra-compact foldable design for easy carrying.
    • The grill can take the weight of many kinds of pots, water, and food items.
    • It allows for wood burning, spirit burner, coal, gas, and solid fuel tablets.

    • This pack grill is made with heavy gauge chrome-plated steel.
    • It is designed for durability and stability on rough ground.
    • The portable grill can be used for campfire cooking, boiling water, brewing coffee, etc.
    • It measures a grill surface of 12 x 6.25 inches.

    • This camping stove grill is made of pure Stainless Steel to ensure it lasts even in the harshest conditions.
    • It boasts a large burning chamber of 7x6x4 inches.
    • The stove allows the usage of wood, twigs, leaves, or even branches, as a fuel source while camping.
    • It is designed to perform well in higher and lower temperature extremes.

    Index Table: Top Rated Backpacking Grills

    1UCO Flatpack - Foldable Backpacking Grill and Fire Pit
    • Compact
    • Stable
    2Expedition Research Bushcraft - Backpacking Grill
    • Campfire Rated
    • Carry Bag Included
    Expedition Research97
    3Wolf Grizzly WG - Backpacking Grill and Fire Set
    • Adjustable Height
    • Carry Case
    Wolf Grizzly97
    4Nashrio Portable - Compact Backpacking Grill
    • Stainless Steel
    • Sturdy
    5Survival Knight Collapsible - Lightweight Backpacking Grill and stove
    • Anti-Corrosion
    • Durable
    Survival Knight97
    6RedCamp Folding - Backpacking Grill & Wood Burner
    • Stable Bracket
    • Flat Storage
    7Coghlan's Silver - Pack Grill
    • Steel
    • 12 x 6.9 x 6.9 Inches
    8Unigear Folding - Backpacking Stove
    • Wood Burning
    • Stainless Steel
    9Stansport Foldable - Pack Grill
    • Chrome Plated
    • 12 x 6.25 Inch
    10kampMATE WoodFlame - Camping Stove
    • Lightweight
    • Portable

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