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Nothing is more cozy and enjoyable than gathering the people you love around a warm fire on your patio or deck. The fire’s warm glow adds ambiance, warmth, and light for cool evenings.

We all can enjoy the Fire Pit, but why not add to its benefits by getting the best Fire Pit Grill Top that allows you to use your fire as a grill.

The Fire Pit with Grill Top

The Fire Pit, in general, makes a stunning design piece in your backyard, patio, or on your deck. It adds a piece of interest, warmth for cooler weather, and light for evenings.

The Fire Pit with a grill Top allows you to further the experience and enjoyment by adding a grill grate as part of the package to grill your favorite food on your fire pit.
All in all, you have a decorative piece with three functional uses in one very handy device.

Benefits of a having a Firepit with a Grill Top

There are so many benefits to having a fire pit itself, and even more when you have a fire pit grill top;

  • Cozy Atmosphere – The Fire Pit creates a cozy atmosphere for your family and friends that can be enjoyed day or night.
  • Make the Days Last – You can extend the time spent with family and friends daily to night, in any weather, with your Grill Top Fire Pit. The fire pit adds light and can be used to cook food for long days outdoors.
  • Relax and Unwind – You can relax and unwind in a cozy ambient environment watching the flames dancing in your fire pit and enjoy your favorite grilled food or snack.
  • All Season – Because of the light and warmth a fire pit creates, it can be enjoyed for all seasons and occasions such as Christmas and New Year.
  • Home Extension – The grill Top fire Pit makes a lovely and very useful home extension as you now have an extra outdoor lounging and eating area that you can enjoy whenever it suits you.
  • Multi Purpose – Aside from the Fire Pit, we also have a camping grill which is a budget-friendly multi-purpose solution that offers a decorative appeal to your deck or outdoor area, a functional warming, and light element, as well as a handy grill.

Features of a Good Fire Pit Grill Top

Fire Pit Grill

  • Design – The Fire Pit with grill Top comes in various shapes, sizes, and decorative designs that can have appealing cutouts and decorative finsihings.
  • Coating – Most Fire Pits shave a powder coating or are painted with durable and resistant paint for an appealing finish available in different color options.
  • Materails – Metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals are used for the bowl, and sometimes finishings and cast iron can be used in heavier models, not portable.
  • Parts – The grill Top Fire Pit will usually come with a fitted removable Grill Grate, a mesh Top cover to prevent sparks, and a rod tool for adjusting wood and coal.
  • Extras – Some fire Pit Grill Top designs come with wheeability, or wheelshave foldable legs.

Reviews: The Best Fire Pit Grills Tops

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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98.5

The Pleasant Hearth is a 26-Inch sized fire pit with a log poker, spark screen and a grill grate.
  • The Yaheetech is a 26-Inch sized metal fire pit and grill all in one.
  • There is a durable square design metal bowl with a mesh top cover protective screen.
  • The set comes with a grilling grate and a metal poker for adjusting wood or charcoal.
  • The design is easy to assemble and comes with full instructions.
  • It is a tabletop design with a wide area for placing drinks and other items.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Adjustable Grates15%95
Easy Assembly15%90
Total Score100%96.75

From Bali Outdoors, we have their wood-fuelled fire pit with a grill grate, which also has a unique log rack.
  • The Bali has a multifunctional design that burns wood and jas a grill that can swivel 360 degrees to the left or right.
  • A black round fire pit bowl and larger outer edges around the bowl give you easy access to drinks and other items.
  • The base is sturdy and durable, with a circular steel ring around the legs.
  • The unique log rack allows you to hold logs for better ventilation.
  • The design is safe and secure to use and includes everything you need.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Adjustable Grates15%95
Easy Assembly15%90
Total Score100%95.75

The Novogratz Poolside is a wood-burning fire pit with a handy grill. It is portable and lightweight.
  • A lovely outdoor fire pit comes in three color options from which you can choose.
  • It is built from durable and weather-resistant ceramic materails for fun all year round.
  • The Fire Pit comes with a mesh dome, steel lid, rain cover, and a 19-inch diameter cooking surface.
  • The size is 27 inches in diameter and 14. 5 inches in height.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Adjustable Grates15%95
Easy Assembly15%90
Total Score100%94.5

  • This is a Fire Pit with Grill designed by AXXONN.
  • It allows for multi-purpose usage and can be used as a fire pit, grill, coffee table, and cooler.
  • The fire pit features a rust-resistant, powder-coated steel frame and a removable Ceramic Tile mantel.
  • It also comes with a weather-resistant cover for convenience and durability.

The F2C is a 22-inch sized foldable Fire Pit that also comes with a handy grill top.
  • Here we have a 22-inch foldable, portable fire pit and grill for all your needs.
  • It consists of solid steel and has a heavy-duty and durable design.
  • The bowl is rust-resistant and can withstand high heat.
  • The legs can be folded and popped up for easy storage.
  • There is also a mesh screen for safety and protection against sparks and embers.
  • The fire pit is portable and has convenient storage and a carry bag.

The Finether Outdoor fire pit comes fully equipped with a grill grate for BBQ and a mesh spark screen.
  • A larger 24-inch fire pit for outdoor use and picnics, and camping.
  • The bowl is sturdy and durable, with a solid base.
  • There is a mesh lid for safety and a lifting hoop.
  • You also get a long fire poker for easy handling.
  • The design is easy to assemble and maintain and comes with three bottom drainage holes for easy cleaning.

  • This is an outdoor Fire Pit with Grill designed by Sunnydaze Decor.
  • It measures 36 x 27 x 25 inches in size and weighs about 30 pounds, whereas the grate dimensions are 19.5 x 11.75 inches.
  • The fire pit grill works great for BBQ cookouts outside, with a tubular metal rail that encircles the braziers for portability.
  • It features a hinged door on the mesg screen for easy access to burning logs.

  • This is a fire pit and grill designed by FCH.
  • It features thick Cast Iron Steel construction with a heat-resistant finish.
  • The fire pit and grill are lightweight for easy transport and easy to clean.
  • It measures 32 x 14.3 inches, and features drain water and airflow holes.

Index Table: Top Rated Fire Pit Grill Tops

1Pleasant Hearth Metal - Square Fire Pit and Grill Top
  • Log Poker Includeed
  • Grill and Fire Pit
  • Metal Construction
Pleasant Hearth98.5
2Bali Outdoors - Fire Pit with a Grill Top
  • Multi Functional Design
  • Sturdy Base
  • Log Rack
3Novogratz Poolside - Fire Pit Grill Top
  • Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • Rain Cover
4AXXONN 4 in 1 - Fire Pit with Grill
  • Rectangular Tile Top
  • 44 X 25 Inches
5F2C Folding - Foldable Fire Pit and Grill Top
  • Fire Pit
  • Grill
  • Foldable
  • Portable
6Finether Metal - Fire Pit with a Grill Top
  • Metal Bowl
  • Grill Grate
  • Mesh Spark Screen
7Sunnydaze Decor Outdoor - Fire Pit with Grill
  • 36 Inch
  • Wood Burning
Sunnydaze Decor97.1
8FCH Square - Fire Pit and Grill
  • 32 Inch
  • with Poker

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