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There is an old saying, “You get what you paid for,” and yes, to some extent, this is true; however, there are many ways and means around that.

You can easily get an affordable grill that is still excellent quality and even good brand names at a fraction of the cost if you know how to look for them.

How to Save Money On Your Grill

Besides getting a Cheaper grill, here are a few tips and tricks to help you save money on a Grill and when Grilling;

  • Natural Gas – If you have a Gas grill or want to purchase it, opt for Natural Gas; it is much cheaper than Propane Gas.
  • How you Light Your Charcaol – Using Lighting fluid and firelighters to light a charcoal fire is expensive and contains many hazardous fumes and chemicals. The solution is a Charcoal CHIMNEY or an electric Charcoal Starter, a once-off purchase that you can use repeatedly.
  • Shopping for Propane – So you already have e a propane Gas Grill or have your sights on one. Here is a tip, shop around for your Propane Gas, and don’t just settle for the closet retailer. Propane gas prices differ, and a central distribution center may be cheaper.
  • Fuel Efficiency – Whether it is a gas or Charcoal grill, put your food on the minute the grill is ready and do not wait, which may cause the need for reheating or refueling with a charcoal grill. You can switch off the gas grill immediately when your food is done.
  • A Good Charcoal Grill – Investing in a more fuel-efficient and better Charcoal grill means you use less charcoal, and the fire can be shut down immediately after use, allowing you to reuse unburned charcoal again.
  • Durability VS Price – Buying a cheap and low-quality grill because it costs less, in the long run, will work out more expensive when you have to replace or fix the grill regularly, then I would rather opt for something more expensive that will last longer, particularly if you are an avid griller.
  • Maintain Your Investment – If you clean your grill after every use and thoroughly clean it now and again and maintain it, it will last longer. Keep your grill covered and protected from outdoor elements and wetness, and clean it thoroughly to maintain it in good condition.
  • Charcaol VS Gas – A gas grill is more expensive than a charcoal grill but costs less to use as gas is cheaper than wood or charcoal; you may not need a lighter or matches. However, a natural gas Grill is your cheapest option for fuel efficiency.

Cheap Grill VS Expensive Grill

However, let us look at some of the characteristics that make a Cheap grill different from an expensive grill;

  • Size – Cheaper grills or even cheaper good quality brand grills may be smaller than expensive grills. I would rather opt for a smaller quality grill than a large, cheap grill.
  • Warranty – The longer and more inclusive the warranty, the more expensive the grill at most times. Most cheaper grills come with a limited warranty that only covers some parts.
  • Materail Quality – Low-quality steels, cast aluminum, or other thin materials that deteriorate fast are used in cheaper grill types, so be on the lookout for this.
  • Heat Output – The BTU, which is the heat and power output rate of a gas grill, is essential, and this should be considered in cheaper gas grill models. It would be best to cook at least 80-100 BTU per square inch to cook your food properly.
  • Burners – The Burners form an essential part of your gas grill, so make sure that it is made of durable and thick stainless steel or materials, not thin and flimsy materials that will not last.
  • Features – If you want to save a bit of money, you may need to compromise a few added features, which all in all is not the worse part, as you can replace certain expensive features such as storage and prep shelving with a cheaper side table or make your hanging hooks.

Features of a Good Cheap Grill

  • Durable and strong build and materials like stainless steel and cast iron, with or without porcelain enamel coatings.
  • A large enough cooking space or gate.
  • Durable and high-quality burners.
  • A BTU output of at least 80-100 per square inch of cooking space on your Gas grill.
  • Smaller features include a stand, shelving, hanging hooks, and wheels for portability.
  • A lid or windproofing.
  • Temperature control system or ventilation holes.
  • A durable ashtray on a charcoal grill.
  • Electric ignition on your gas grill.

Do you know that the kamado grill is also less expensive but offers a durable and versatile grill? It retains heat and is very easy to clean.

Reviews: The Best Cheap Grills

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Reviewed by: John Max Score: 98.1

Weber is a top brand in luxury grills, but when you settle for their basic smaller range of grills, you can get them and quite an affordable price.
  • The small surface can cook up to five burgers at a time.
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable design.
  • A porcelain-enameled lid and bowl that will not rust and retain heat easily.
  • There are temperature control dampers and a durable plated steel cooking grate that cleans easily.

  • This grill by Cuisinart features a 150 Square inch Chrome plated cooking rack to deliver ample cooking space for a family meal.
  • It operates on Charcoal fuel and is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking surface for optimum cooking.
  • The grill features a dual venting system for ultimate temperature control and Charcoal management.
  • It also features three secure lid locks for easy transport and measures 14.5 x 14.5 x 15 inches.

  • ISUMER designs this portable grill for camping, tailgating, picnics, backpacking, etc.
  • The grill is made with high-quality Stainless Steel material, which offers solid abrasive resistance, durability, and non-bending and rust-resistant.
  • It can be assembled and disassembled easily and also allows for easy cleanup.
  • The grill measures 15.9 x 11 x 8.8 inches and can cook up to 5 servings simultaneously.

  • This grill by Royal Gourmet is designed with three separate burners.
  • Each burner produces up to 9,000 BTUs, offering 27,000 BTU cooking power, with even heat distribution throughout the surface.
  • It features a cooking area of 316 Square inches and allows you to cook large servings simultaneously.
  • The grill operates with a Piezo ignition system, with the control panel installed on a Stainless Steel surface.

The for your standing and portable charcoal grill is affordable and of the best quality.
  • A small and compact standing charcoal grill with a lid.
  • Ideal heat control and retention design.
  • Ideal for all grilling conditions.
  • Charcoal-fueled design with an ashtray and easy cleaning.
  • Portable and easy to transport.

This is an all-in-one, versatile, portable, and affordable grill that I highly recommend from BestTiers.
  • A great design with a grill grate, cooking pan, side basket, and foldable legs.
  • Ideal for outdoor use or on your patio.
  • Full temperature control using adjustable air vents.
  • A thick rod support frame and legs.
  • Double chrome-plated cooking grids with adjustable positioning.
  • Separate, easy-clean charcoal groove.

George Foreman is another formidable grill brand specializing in electric grills with a griddle-based grate.
  • A large 240 square inch Griddle design grill can cook anything, even eggs.
  • It comes on a stand for easy use with a closable lid.
  • It is made from durable materials with a sturdy stand.
  • Easy and convenient use that takes up little space in your home.
  • Electrically operated.

The Char-Griller Patio grill is a top brand in their Charcoal outdoor model with a great price tag.
  • There are 250 square inches of cooking grates made from cast iron.
  • The lid has a small side drawer for storage and a stay-cool wood handle.
  • A double steel bottom and side air vents for temperature control.
  • The sturdy frame and wheel make it ideal for outdoor use.

  • This grill by BEAU JARDIN is designed for outdoor use while camping, tailgating, etc.
  • The portable grill measures approximately 18 inches and provides ample cooking space for large meals.
  • It features plated Stainless Steel cooking grates that are non-stick and easy to clean.
  • The grill also includes a rust-resistant Adjustable Aluminum Air Vent damper that allows easy temperature control and regulation.

Index Table: Top Rated Cheap Grills

1Weber Smokey Joe - Cheap Portable Grill
  • Portable
  • Dampers
  • Lightweight
2Cuisinart CCG190 - Portable Charcoal Grill
  • 14-Inch
  • Enamel Coated
3ISUMER Folding - Charcoal Grill
  • Portable
  • Stainless Steel
4Royal Gourmet PD1300 - Propane Gas Grill
  • 3-Burner
  • Portable
Royal Gourmet95.9
5All For You 18 Inch - Cheap Portable Grill
  • Standing
  • Charcaol Grill
All For You97
6BestTiers Portable - Cheap Portable Grill
  • Frying Pan and Grill Grates
  • Side Baskets
  • Foldable
7George Foreman 240Inch - Cheap Griddle Grill
  • Griddle
  • Electric
  • Stand
George Foreman98
8Char Griller Patio Pro - Affordable Outdoor Grill
  • Large Grate
  • Outdoor Design
Char Griller98
9BEAU JARDIN Outdoor - Portable Charcoal Grill
  • 18 Inch
  • Heat Control

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