Best Way to Grill Ribs

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There is nothing quite like a well-marinated rack of grilled Barbecue ribs with that rich smokey flavor.

Grilling a rack of ribs to perfection is quite easy and can make an exceptionally delicious meal; here is how;

Picking a Good Rack of Ribs

First and foremost, picking the right piece of ribs is just as important as the actual Grilling because you want good quality and flavorful meat.

There are two basic types of Ribs that you will find, the SPARERIB and the LOIN BACK RIB.

Ribs are usually split pork chops cut from the loin’s blade end or ribs cut from the shoulder closest to the loin. They are good ribs, but not your classic-style ribs.

When buying ribs, whichever type you choose, always ensure that there is some meat on the bones and no significant surface fat areas. Likewise, ensure that there are no exposed bones because they can fall out during the Grilling process.

The best Quality Ribs are fresh and not frozen ribs if you can manage this. However, always discard Ribs discolored or have dried-out edges or any indication of freezer burn.

Another warning that I would like to give is on Enhanced Ribs, because they may taste artificial and be much too salty. Rather season your ribs with your favorite spices or marinade.

Marinating Your Ribs

You can choose between marinating or just spicing your ribs. For one, enjoy a well-marinated rib;

For marinating, you can use a store-bought marinade or make your own. Plenty of marinade recipes are available on the internet, and you will surely find a good one. I like an excellent store-bought original BBQ marinade.

To marinate your ribs properly, follow these steps;

  • Adequately Defrost inside the refrigerator for at least two days. If frozen, rinse your ribs after defrosting.
  • Trim the membrane from the underside of your ribs, the paper-thin layer on the bone side of the ribs.
  • Rub the marinade into your ribs with a basting brush, spatula, or even your hands if you do not have either. Make sure all the meat is covered with a thick layer.
  • Place the marinated ribs inside a covered container and leave the container in the refrigerator for two or up to twenty-four hours to marinate.
  • You can add more marinade if the meat becomes dry.
  • Never use a leftover marinade to make, close, and refrigerate store-bought marinade if the instructions indicate such.

Preparing and Grilling Barbecue Ribs

If you have not Marinated and prefer spicing, you can defrost and rinse your ribs for the allocated times. Trim the ribs’ membrane as we have discussed, and instead of marinating, rub some oil, salt, or spices of your choice into the ribs.

  • Getting the Right Temperature – The Right temperature for Ribs is a key element that needs to be perfect; you want a consistent temperature of about 225°F. So fire up your grill, whether charcoal or Gas, though I would prefer a Gas grill for Ribs, and ensure that you get the right temperature. You can add a few dry wood pieces if you have a charcoal grill.
  • Grilling The Ribs – Ribs need to be slowly grilled on low heat. So when the heat is just right, place your rib’s meat side upwards on the Grill Grate, close the lid and let it cook for at least 20-30 minutes. When the smoke on the grill becomes less, you can add some more wood to your charcoal grill, and that is it.
  • Cooking Time – Depending on the ribs’ thickness, they will cook for anything from 3 to 7 hours before they are ready. A Good Meat thermometer is recommended for checking the meat. You can use the BEND test to check if the ribs are ready, do this by picking up the slab of ribs with tongs and bouncing it gently. If the surface of the ribs cracks, it is ready.
  • Ready Ribs – When your ribs are done, and you have grilled them properly, you will notice a thin pink layer beneath the surface of the meat. This does not mean that the ribs are undercooked, only that they are an amazing rack of ribs, perfectly cooked with a smoke ring caused by the combustion of gases and smoke.

If you want more meat to grill, go for salmon to complete your occasion. Here’s the best way to grill a salmon.

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