Best Way to Grill Chicken

Grilled Chicken Breasts whichever way you choose makes for the perfect lite and healthy meal.

Grilled chicken breast is a quick and easy meal that goes with almost any side dish, particularly salads in the summertime.

The biggest issue with Chicken Breasts is that they become dry when cooked, so in this article, I will help you to get the most succulent and flavorful grilled Chicken breast every time.

Preparing the Chicken Breast

Grilling Chicken Breast can be problematic as the meat is boneless, skinless, and has little to no fat for moisture, so it tends to either overcook and become dry or be undercooked.

Therefore when it comes to grilling Chicken breathes, the trick is to use a medium to high heat to seal in juices and to share them first.

I usually cut my chicken breasts into thinner slices and use a meat tenderizer or side plate, sideways, to lightly pound them.

What I find helps quite a bit to give you more moist and tended Chicken Breats is to marinate them for a few hours before grilling.

Marinating Your Chicken Breasts

Here I have an easy marinade recipe to soften chicken breasts before grilling them.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other mandate recipes on the internet or ready-made marinades that you can choose, along with many spices of your choice.

I myself prefer a very mild Lemon and Herb spice and simple marinade as below that is sufficient for around sizes chicken Breats;

  • Oil – You can use any oil as a base, I prefer Olive or canola oil a base, around half a cup.

  • Acid – an Acid helps to tenderize and break down tougher proteins, Lemon juice is my favorite, I use a large fresh lemon, or you can use two tablespoons of vinegar if you like a different flavor.

  • Sugar – Sugar adds flavor and caramelization. I use honey rather than sugar, around two tablespoons, Brown sugar is also great to use and gives a great taste.

  • Seasoning – here you can use anything you wish. I use a bit of salt and Rosemary seasoning or my favorite mix of lemon and herb seasoning.

  • Time – You can leave the breasts to marinade for around four hours to get them good and tender.

Grilling Your Chicken Breasts

Grilling a chicken breast is tricky because you need to sear them at high heat and then cook them on low heat.

So you can sear them, remove them and wait until the grill is cold, or you can create a high heat area on one side of the grill and cooler area on the other side, which is much faster.

  • Prepare the Grill – Prepare your grill so that one side gets very hot and so that you have a cooler side if you are following this option.

  • Coat the Chicken Breatsts – If you have not marinated your Chicken Breast, you will need to coat them with spices and oil. Otherwise, remove them from the marinade, you can add more seasoning if you wish, and place them on the hot area of the grill to sear.

  • Sear – Allow your chicken breasts to properly sear on the one side before turning them over to sear on the other side.

  • Low Heat – Whichever way you choose, you need to place the breasts on a medium to low heat after searing so that they cook properly without drying out. You can place them on the cool area, turning them once or twice or wait until your grill has cooled down. When the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 155F, then they are ready. You can also check if the meat is cooked by cutting the thickest chicken breast.

The Best Grill for Chicken Breasts


My Absolute favorite Grill for Grilling Chicken in any form is the Weber Original Charcoal Grill.

You can regulate the Heat, and you can cover the Grill to cook your Chicken evenly over a lower heat.

  • The Weber Original has a porcelain-enameled bowl and lid as well as a large 363 square inch Plated Steel Cooking Grate.
  • There is an easy one-touch Aluminized cleaning system for the ashes that is high capacity and removable.
  • There are also Nylon handles on the Grill Lid, as well as hooks to hang your cooking utensils on.
  • Furthermore, the Where original comes with a stand and wheels, as well as three color options.
Score: 98 By John Max

In Conclusion

Getting a soft and juice Grilled Chicken Breast can be tricky, but if you follow my steps, you should be able to grill the most delicious and tender chicken breasts.

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