Best BBQ Rubs

You tedious the BBQ would be without a proper barbecue rub on hand. So we all need the best BBQ rubs to create a better BBQ experience.

In today’s article, we look at some of the top favorite and most delicious BBQ rubs available to you.

Why Use a BBQ Rub

The BBQ rub is what gives flavor and taste to your meats and foods for grilling and BBQs.

You can make your won, or purchase your favorite. Everyone that knows anything about a good BBQ will know about a tasty recipe or brand of BBQ rub

How to Add a BBQ Rub

You can use a dry BBQ rub or a Wet BBQ rub. The one is dry, while the other is the same with an added liquid such as vinegar or oil to form a paste.

In our explanation, however, we will be using a dry rub;

  • Pat the Meat Dry – Pat the meat dry slightly with a paper towel to remove excess moisture as that is unwanted.
  • Amount – You will need 1 tbsp. of dry rub for every lb. of meat, and a 1 to 1 ratio between rubs and liquids.
  • Rub the Meat – Rub the Dry BBQ mix into your meat. You can add a little oil or apple cider vinegar to create a paste.
  • Press Rather Than Rub – With Dry Rubbing try to press rather than rub the spices into the meat.

Features of a Good BBQ Rub

There are a few features that make a good BBQ rub;
Killer Hogs HOT BBQ Rub

  • Main Components of Most BBQ Rubs – Every BBQ rub contains some form of salt, which is essential to the BBQ rub. Seas salt, table salt, and kosher salts are mainly used in a considerable amount to give off effective flavors. Sugar is also used to add flavor to the meat. Raw, unrefined brown sugars are the best to look out for. Pepper, whether ground, smooth, black, or white, may be added to add flavor. Pepper is a vital component of any good BBQ rub. The chipotle pepper is a delicious addition that is used many times to increase the spiciness. Paprika is used in most BBQ rubes to improve texture and create more intense flavors, especially in smoked items and beef. Paprika also gives a gorgeous color to your grills. Onion and Garlic that are dehydrated and flakes are used in many BBQ rubs. Onion and garlic flakes enhance the flavor of the meat.
  • Common Types of BBQ Rubs – There are two basic types of BBQ rubs, Dry Rubs, and Wet Rubs. Dry rubs are easier to come by and manufactured more widely. The dry rub consists of a mixture of spices and dried herbs that are rubbed directly into the meat or food before grilling. The juices of the meat will mix in to enhance the favor of the dry BBQ rub. Wet rubs on the other hand are more similar to a paste. A wet rub employs the same types of herms and spices with oil added to form a paste. You can also create your own wet rub by mixing your dry rub with some apple cider vinegar, olive oil, mustard, or apple cider and rubbing it into your meat.
  • BBQ Rub Styles – In terms of BBQ rub styles there are four main traditional BBQ rub styles on the market. The Texas Style dry rub uses chili powder, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, and other spices for a sweet and hot flavor. Memphis and Tennessee-style BBQ rubs aim toward a sweeter flavor nixing tangy and savory flavors more suited to foods such as ribs and tangy wings. Kansa City Style rubs are known for their smokey meat dipping and thick and sweet sauces and rubs that are flavored with molasses and tomato base. Carolina BBQ style is mainly for pork and a specific BBQ style where the pork is rubbed with spice and then smoked and mopped with a spice and vinegar.

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Reviews: The Best BBQ Rubs

Here are our top favorite BBQ rubs for delicious BBQ Meats and vegetables;


The 2 Gringos Chupacabra Original Fine Meat BBQ rub is the original and award-winning recipe.

  • This is an award-winning combination rub for your meat and vegetables.
  • It consists of a combination of spices and slats that are versatile enough for any type of meat and even vegetables.
  • The rub can also be used as a seasoning on a variety of foods and salads to add a unique taste.
  • It is made in Texas with the finest ingredients.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%97.75


The Jack Daniel’s BBQ Original rub is available for pork, chicken, steak, and beef.

  • The Jack Daniels Rub comes in options for chicken, beef, pork, and steak.
  • It is a versatile rub and seasoning for your meats.
  • You can season your meats before and after grilling.
  • It is Gluten and MSG-free, which is safe and healthy.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%96.75


The Traeger Grill BBQ rub is specific to this brand and available in rubs for chicken, beef, pork, poultry. Prime rib, and also in coffee and veggie rubs.

  • The Traeger Rub is ideal for vegetables, meats, and fish.
  • You can choose your specific rub according to the food that you want to BBQ.
  • The rub is kosher and gluten frees as well as GMO-free and natural.
  • Features strong apple and honey flavors that are delicious and have a sweet taste.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%95.5


The BBQ Hot Rubs is a versatile and marinade, rib, and spice all in one, for all your BBQ needs.

  • This is a meat rub and dry marinade all in one.
  • The meat rub is a premium handcrafted BBQ rub that is approved and has a five-star rating.
  • The perfect barbeque buddy.
  • You can also have it gift wrapped to send to someone as a gift.


The Killer Hogs hot BBQ rub is delicious and spicy, the ideal seasoning for steak, beef, burgers, pork, and chicken.

  • The BBQ rub comes in a five-pound or one-pound pack option from which you can choose.
  • It has a delicious BBQ taste and goes well with almost any type of meat.\You can use it as a rub, marinade, or even just for seasoning.
  • The taste is spicy and BBQ with a sweet tinge.


From Bad Byron’s w have a top favorite when it comes to seasoning and BBQ rubs.

  • The BBQ rub comes in different size options from which you can select.
  • It has a balanced blend of onion, garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, and chipotle, which is a smoked jalapeno.
  • Spicy and tasty for all types of meat.
  • Use it as a rub, dry marinade, or just as your favorite seasoning.

Index Table: Top Rated BBQ Rubs

12 Gringos Chupacabra - BBQ Rub
  • Versatile
  • Award Winning
  • Original Recipe
2 Gringos97.75
2Jack Daniel’s Original - BBQ Rub
  • Quality
  • Verstaile
  • Available for Differnet Meats
Jack Daniel’s96.75
3Traeger SPC171 - BBQ Rub
  • Options Available
  • Rub and Marinade
4BBQ Bros Southern Style - BBQ Rub
  • Versatile
  • Dry Marinade
  • Pimaster Approved
BBQ Bros97.8
5Killer Hogs Hot - BBQ Rub
  • Versatile
  • Hot
  • Size Options
Killer Hogs97
6Bad Byron’s Butt Rub - BBQ Rub
  • Size Options
  • Balanced Blend
  • All Purpose
Bad Byron’s97.6

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