Best Way to Grill Asparagus

Asparagus, such a versatile and delicious vegetable. You can steam asparagus, boil it, roast it, but there is nothing as tasty as Grilled asparagus.

Grilling Asparagus

Asparagus is healthy and very delicious addition or even main course to any grill, and if you are afraid that they slip through the grates, you can always use foil.

If you would like more seared asparagus cooked directly on the grill grate, you should only opt for thicker and longer stalks, which only catch it.

Grilling Asparagus

Here is a step by step recipe to grill asparagus without foil directly on your Grill Grates;

  • Getting the Right Asparagus – make sure that you purchase thicker Asparagus with longer stems if you do not want them to slip through the grates of your grill.
  • Preparing Your Asparagus for the Grill – You can cut off the very tough ends of the stalks of your Asparagus. Lightly coat the Asparagus with Olive oil and sprinkle gently
  • Preparing and Pre-Heating The Grill – Preheat your grill to a high heat of about 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes and brush off the grates if they still have grease or dirt on them.
  • Grilling your Asparagus Directly on the Grill – Place the Asparagus directly on the clean grates on a high heat grill for around two to four minutes, turning them often so that they brown on all sides. Use a fork to feel tender and remove them from the grill and serve.

Grilling Asparagus With Foil

If you want to grill smaller and younger Asparagus which may fall through the grates of your grill, you can use this foil packet grilling method;

  • Season and Prepare – Place your asparagus onto the foil, on the dull side of the foil. Just like the way to grill corn, I preferred to spread some butter and salt before grilling. I find that lemon pepper gives an excellent flavor. Close the foil packet to make a small pocket.
  • Grilling the Asparagus – A foil Asparagus Pocket takes a bit longer to grill. You can place the foil packet on the grill preheated to high heat. Make sure to turn the Foil packet over regularly for even cooking. Close the lid of the grill.

Reviews: The Best Grill for Grilling Asparagus

The best grill for grilling Asparagus of all sizes would be a Grill with a solid or griddle design garte;


I have chosen the Royal Gourmet Table Top design Grill, which has a solid Griddle that can be used for grilling all sizes of Asparagus and other vegetables without them falling through the grates. Royal Gourmet is a top brand in gas grills that uses Propane Gas as fuel.

  • You can choose whether you would like the smaller two-burner version or a larger three-burner version of the Royal Gourmet Gas Grill.
  • The Porcelain enamel Coated griddle is designed so that you can cook foods such as vegetables and eggs on it that will not fall through the grates.
  • There is a durable stainless steel control panel with an easy to use piezo ignition system.
  • The side grease cup collects excess oils during cooking and is very easy to clean.
  • Included, you will find a Regulator Tank for 1lb, as well as a fit for camping and outdoor excursions.

Index Table: Top Rated Asparagus Grill

1Royal Gourmet 22 Inch - Gas Asparagus Grill
  • Size Options
  • Griddle Surface
  • Tabletop Design
  • Gas Fueled
Royal Gourmet98.1

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