Best Way to Grill Burgers

One of the grilling favorites for summertime is, of course, the burger, wouldn’t you agree.

Well, we all want to grill the perfect burger with trimmings and all, whether for family or friends.

In this article, I will help you grill the best burger you have ever tasted.

Why a grilled Burger Patty is Better

Ther is the Grilled VS over grilled burger argument. In which case, oven grilling maybe a little less hassle. However, the outdoor grilling of burgers is just so much more fun and easy for socializing, and there is nothing that even comes close to the taste of a Grilled Burger.

There is also the Gas Grill compared to Charcoal-grilled Burger with this in mind.

The Gas Grill is a cleaner and more accessible option, but you will not get the same Char Grilled Sear marks or flavors from a Gas Grill as you would from a Charcoal Grill.

So, all things considered, I always opt for my Charcoal Grill to grill the best burgers in town.

Preparing the Patty

The first step in making a fantastic burger is, of course, Burger Patty.

While ground beef is the most popular choice for a burger patty, there are other options out there, and you can even mix and match your meats.

Personally, I prefer medium fat ground meat, but here are a few other options in choosing meats and preparing your patty;

  • Meat Fat Percentage – This is important, as the fat contains the flavor, and when cooking your patty over high heat, you lose quite a bit of moisture and fat. The fat helps keep the burger patty from drying out and keeps the meat’s flavor. Therefore any mean type of meat is not a good consideration. A fat percentage of around 15 to 20 percent is ideal.
  • Mixing Meats – You can use Chuck, ground beef, or even sausage meat to make your party, as well as a blend. Ground Turkey or chicken is also an option for individuals who do not like beef, and pork backfat can be used to make up the fat percentage.
  • Course Grind – Whether you are grinding the meat yourself or buying already ground meat. Ensure that it is a course ground meat as fine ground meat tends to become mushy.
  • Making Your Patty – You can choose what to add to your patty meat; it is important to keep spices and additions to a minimum as this may cause your patty to fall apart. Keep a larger meat ratio, and you want a firm patty. I use some finely chopped onions, a handful of bread crumbs, a bit of barbecue spice, and an egg in my patty mix for around four large burger patties. You can also use meat and some spices of your choice. After you have mixed the meat well, you can form a small ball with your hands and flatten and shape it into a patty. Keep in mind during grilling; the patty shrinks almost to half its size. If you have a patty press, then you can use that.

Grilling Your Burger Patties

First things first, you need a clean grill and grates, so make sure all is brushed and cleaned correctly.

Fire up your grill or get the charcoal or wood going;

  • Grilling Times – Always consider that you need to turn your patty once, and the thickness of your patty the grill times may vary. For a One-Inch thick patty, six minutes will get you well done, which is three minutes on each side. Medium Rare patties need about five minutes and a Rare patty 3 to 4 minutes on the grill, turning once.
  • Grilling Your Patty – Place your patty on the grill for the required amount of time, and then flip it over, and do not press the patty. You need an internal heat of around 160F for a well-done patty if you have a temperature probe.
  • Remove Patties – When the Burger Patties are done, you can remove them and place them in a metal or glass container to rest for a few minutes allowing the flavors to disperse.

While looking for ways on how to grill burgers, you may visit as well a few ways to grill a filet mignon, it shows you how to prepare your best filet mignon.

Making a Burger

To make your entire burger, the options are endless. You will need a round burger bun, which you can use as-is or butter, and quickly toast on the inside on your hot grill.

I use a slice of tomato, grated cheddar, and a sauce I make with mayonnaise, ketchup, and some chutney, for my necessary burger relish. Of course, you can use any variety of trimmings as you wish.

Another option that I enjoy is to make a cheese or mushroom sauce for my burgers beforehand.

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What I love about the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill for grilling patties is the large cooking space, as well as the versatile warming rack to keep your burger patties warm and the preparation side shelves.

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In Conclusion

Grilling the Burger patty is a simple and easy task when you follow the steps I have given. The taste depends on the meat and the spices, so your patty will be bursting with juices and flavor.

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