Best Meat Tenderizers

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Meat tenderizer is an essential part of the preparation before cooking eat.

You get meat tenderizer spices, marinades with meat tenderizers, and also meat tenderizing types of equipment such as a meat mallet or pounder.

Either way whichever you choose we are here to help you find the best Meat tenderizers for all your requirements

Meat Tenderizers

A Spice meat tenderizer is a naturally derived enzyme powder that is usually papain which comes from pineapples and papayas that breaks down meat fibers to make it softer.

A meat tenderizer tool is a physical piece of equipment that you use to pound or flatten meat with in order to make it softer.

There are different types of meat tenderizers all with their benefits and downfalls;

  • Spice or Liquid Tenderizer – Spice and liquid tenderizers usually contain an enzyme such as papain or bromelain which is found in pineapples and papayas. Liquid meat tenderizers are usually marinaded in one. However, spice tenderizers come with or without flavorings.
  • Mallet Tenderizer – A mallet meat tenderizer is a mallet or hammer that is designed with a flat and textured side. You use it to pound the meat to flatten it and make the fibers softer and looser, to get the meat to cook evenly and become softer.
  • Blade Tenderizer – A Blade meat tenderizer has dozens of blades and needles that you press into the meat to cut through the fibers in order for flavorings and marinades to easily penetrate the meat and to reduce cooking time. However, a blade tenderizer is only recommended for thicker cuts of meat.

Why Tenderize Meat?

So, in the ned, why should you tenderize your meat.

Well, tenderizing meat breaks down meat fibers and softens the meat so that it is much easier to chew, as well as more palatable.

Tenderizing meat also allows marinades and spices to better penetrate the meat to make it more flavourful.

Meat tenderizers also help you to cook the meat much faster because of the broken-down meat fibers.

Beating a tough piece of meat with a mallet often receives much more tendre results. There is a textured and flat side that works well for tough cuts of meat.

The Bladed meat tenderizer on the other hand is ideal for thicker cuts and greatly improves the moisture absorption of the meat so it will cook faster and be less dry.

Features of a Good Meat Tenderizer

  • Mallet – The mallet is a hammer like tool that usually has one textured surface for tougher meat and a flat surface which is ideal for flattening meat. It may have a rubber, plastic, or steel handle, and a stainless-steel head. Some are available in aluminum options and may come with a hole in the handle for easy storage.
  • Blade – The Blade Meat tenderizer is a hand-held device that has many small blades and needles. It is used to increase the absorption of moisture and marinade in the meat and to increase the cooking time. The blade tenderizer can be used on any type of meat but is advised for thicker meats. It usually has a plastic handle and stainless-steel blades.
  • Spice or Liquid – Then you also get spices and marinades that have a tenderizer which consists of an enzyme called papain or bromelain. These enzymes are naturally found in pineapples and papayas.

Reviews: The Best Meat Tenderizers

In our list below are some of our top favorite meat tenderizers in different models and options;
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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98

  • The Norpro is a three in one meat tenderizer.
  • It improves the texture and taste of meat and poultry.
  • The design is a blade meat tenderizer that has a soft-grip handle, and a heavy-duty design.
  • The meat tenderizer has a smooth side and a pyramid side, with stainless steel prongs.
  • Also, ideal fur crushing ice, crackers, and preparing beard crumbs.

  • The OX Good Grips meat tenderizer is one of my favorites.
  • It has a textured side and a smooth side for tenderizing meat,
  • The smooth side is ideal for pounding meat.
  • The One piece aluminum construction is hygienic and very easy to clean.
  • The tenderizer has a non-slip texturized grip handle.

  • The KitchenAid is a Gourmet Meat tenderizer that is one size.
  • It has a textured surface and a smooth side for pounding and flattening cutlets.
  • It consists of aluminum and is very lightweight.
  • There is a hole in the ergonomic handle for easy storage or hanging.
  • It is easy to clean and care for.

  • The McCormick is an unseasoned meat tenderizer.
  • It is a high-quality spice meat tenderizer that has sugar and salt to add flavor and tenderize meat.
  • Kosher is safe and certified by the Orthodox Union.
  • The tenderizer is effective and very easy to use on a variety of meats.

  • The Rosle Fleischplattierer is one of the best available meat tenderizers.
  • It is 12.3 inches long and manufactured with 18/10 inches of steel.
  • There is a strong, and seamless joint between the base and the handle that is hygienic and ensures durability.
  • It has heavyweight and is tapered in the front for more even pressure.

  • The Claudes brisket is a tenderizing and marinade sauce that tenderizes your meat.
  • It comes with a delicious Hickory smoke BBQ flavor and a unique blend of natural spices.
  • The marinade is gluten-free and has no preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.
  • It is a more natural meat tenderizer and flavor enhancer all in one.

Index Table: Top Rated Meat Tenderizers

1Norpro Three in One - Meat Tenderizer
  • Three In One
  • Blade Design
  • Soft Grip Handle
2OXO Good Grips - Meat Tenderizer
  • Two Sides
  • Heavy Duty
  • Aluminium
3KitchenAid Gourmet - Meat Tenderizer Hammer
  • Two Sided
  • Multiple Storage Options
4McCormick Unseasoned - Spice Meat Tenderizer
  • Quality
  • Effective
5Rosle Fleischplattiere - Meat Tenderizer
  • Stainless Steel
  • Long Handle
6Claude’s brisket - Meat Tenderizer Sauce
  • Marinade and Tenderizer
  • Flavoured

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