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When it comes to searing meat, crisping a chicken breast or fish fillet, and even making a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, the idea is to maximize the contact between your foot and the vessel used for cooking.

So how do you achieve this with your grill?

The answer you are looking for is the best girl Press, along with the proper cooking technique.

This article looks at the basic designed and trusted favorite grill press used for cooking steaks, burgers, and many other foods to perfection.

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The Grill Press and How to Use It

In its design, the grill-press is a flat weighted object consisting of a heavy metal, usually cast iron, and in some cases glass or aluminum.

There will be a handle attached to the flat weight’s upper side, usually wood or a material that does not overheat for safe handling.

The concept behind any grill press is to keep the food flat as it cooks and distribute heat evenly.

Some grill presses even come with ridges to create sear marks on foods.

Although most grill presses are used only outside grills, some are safe to use on a pa or skillet.

How to Use a Grill Press

Luckily, using a grill Press is very easy, and once you get used to it, you will invent your handy ways and new uses for the grill press;

  • Season Your Press – Unless Your grill Press is already seasoned, especially when it comes to casting iron presses, you will need to lightly spread it with olive oil aa vegetable oil to prevent food from sticking to eth surface.
  • Heating the Grill Press – Place your Grill Press directly onto the grill over the heat, and pre-heat your grill. Once the grill and press have achieved the right temperature, you can remove the press and place it on your grill’s top rack or side area.
  • Cooking with the Press – Place your food on the grill you want to press. Place the Grill press directly onto the food and cook as normal. Remember not to use the grill press on fragile food such as fish fillets and loosely packed burgers, as the weight will push the food through the grill grates.
  • Flipping Food – Remove the press, turn your food over and place the grill press on the other side of the food for even cooking.
  • Time and Temperatures – because you are compressing the food from both sides, the grilling time will be cut by at least 20+ degrees. So you need to check and adjust your overall grill time depending on the type of food being grilled.
  • Cleaning – When you have cooked your food, you will need to allow the Grill Press to Cool down along with the grill. When cooled, you can use a stiff brush and warm water to clean off the Grill press.

Features of a Good Grill Press

Grill Press

  • Surface Type – The grill Press will have either a flat and smooth surface or ridges for searing marks.
  • Materials – Most grill presses consist of cast iron, though I have seen other heavy metals used, glass and aluminum.
  • Handle – The handle should be a design that will not overheat and burn your hands when handling. Wood and stainless steel are mostly used. When experiencing overheating, use bbq grill gloves that can withstand extreme heat and will protect your hands from burning.
  • Pre-Seasoned – Some grill presses come already Pre-Seasoned. Otherwise, you will need to season the surface with an oil of your choice.
  • Size – The Grill press will come in a round or square shape as well as many different sizes. The choice of size will depend on your personal needs and your grill size.

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