Best George Foreman Grills

Today, one of the most popular electric Grills is the George Foreman Grill, with its unique design and fat-reducing technology.

Whether you want to start eating healthier or enjoy a delicious grilled steak, the indoor electric grill is one of the best investments you can make, not to mention all its other versatile uses.

When it comes to a good electric grill, there is only one name that stands out from the rest: “George Foreman.”

This article will look at some of the Best George Foreman grills available today.

The History Behind the George Foreman Grill

Why is George Foreman so popular? Let’s look a bit into its history.

Michael Boehm created the initial concept of the George Foreman Grill from Illinois. He intended to create an indoor grill that will ensure the unique benefit of cooking both sides at once and reduce the fat content of fatty foods and meats.

Bob Johnson performed the engineering work, and together with Boehm, the idea was pitched a few times before it landed with George Foreman to test.

Thus the “Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine,” known as the George Foreman Grill, was born.

The George Foreman Grill was introduced in 1994 and promoted with many infomercials featuring George Foreman.

Today, the George Foreman Grill is a popular grill brand that includes many other outdoor and indoor designs.

The George Foreman Grill Concept

Michael Boehm initially created the George Foreman Grill concept in Illinois to cook and grill food on both sides at once.
A second key benefit is reducing the gat content of hamburgers and meats and draining it into a separate reservoir.

Michael Boehm designed the George Foreman grill with a floating hinge si that you can cook more substantial food items, a sloped or slanted surface to drain fats, and a clamshell press design to cook both sides of the food at once.

The George Foreman Grill became well known as “The Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine” and was introduced in 1994, appearing on many infomercials with the popular George Foreman.

What Makes the George Foreman Grill So Unique

The George Foreman Grill has a few specific and Patented technologies which make it so unique;

  • Clamshell Design – The Clamshell top and bottom design simultaneously cook foods at the top and bottom surface, greatly reducing cooking time and eliminating the need to flip a piece of meat food item over.
  • Slope and Drip Tray – The Lower Heating surface has a sloped design that allows hot liquids and fats to drain into a drip tray, which included.
  • Size Options – The George Foreman Grill comes in many different size options that have a larger or small cooking surface and a large standing grill with legs.
  • Detachable Plates – Some models also have detachable plates so that you can interchange plates for different cooking and grilling methods.
  • Electric Grill – The George Foreman is an outdoor and indoor electric grill so there is no need for Gas or Charcoal, only an electrical outlet.

Features of a Good George Foreman Grill

  • Types of Grills – As You will see, general outdoor and indoor electric grills are available, as well as the two-sided indoor electric grills and presses.
  • Materials – The griddle is a non-Stick coated material, and the rest of the grill is durable plastic and metals.
  • Colors – George Foreman grill comes in black, white, grey/silver and red color options.
  • Features – Every grill comes with its own unique features. Mostly the griddle has ridges and can be slanted to remove fat. You also get a drip tray with most George Foreman grill designs.
  • Electric – George Foreman Grils are operated with electricity, and all come with the required cords and plugs for operation.

Some Unexpected Uses of the George Foreman Grill

Besides just grilling a Steak or Burger, there are so many other uses for the original two-sided George Foreman Grill;

  • Pizza – If you Turn the Grill Upside Down and Open It, allow it to pre-heat, and place a small pizza on the griddle with a fork behind the hinges, you will get a crispy crust of the delicious pizza.
  • Toasted Waffles – You can also easily toast your waffles in your George Foreman Grill.
  • Toasted Sandwiches – I personally use my George Foreman to make toasted sandwiches. I have the two serving sizes, which perfectly make two toasted sandwiches, and grill them to perfection.
  • Fries – Want to Make Low-Fat fries or Chips? Slice potato thinly into rounds and place on your George Foreman grill, Drizzle with olive oil and some salt, and fry them fat-free!
  • Fry and Egg – You can easily use your George Foreman as a Griddle. Open it up, and adjust so that it is straight and not slanted. Spray with a Spray and Cook Oil or drizzle with olive oil, pre-heat, and fry your egg.

How We Test and Score George Foreman Grills

These reviews are based on intense research, analysis, and feedback from our experts and real users from different digital platforms.

We spent 19 hours trying, testing, and scoring these George Foreman Grills, for different key parameters and then shortlisted the best products in the market, saving you time and effort.

We used the following parameters for our tests and analysis.

  • Floating Hinge – We analyzed how useful the hinge can adjust to cooking foods of different thicknesses.
  • Removable Plate – We took note of how easy for the user to control the heat when cooking and for easy cleaning.
  • Easy-Carry – We checked how easy and portable to carry the grill.
  • Non-Stick – We checked how non-sticky the grill was, which made cooking and cleaning much easier.
  • Light Indicator – We tested how useful the indicator was to know when the grill was preheated and ready for cooking.

Reviews: The Best George Foreman Grill Models

Here I have picked some of the top favorites and most sought after ranges and models in George Foreman Grills for your checking;
I hope you love the products I recommend!
So that you know, We may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

Reviewed by: John Max Score: 96.75

  • The Evolve from George Foreman is a versatile 3 in one grill that y to grill fish, chicken, beef, and vegetables.
  • The grill comes with a drip tray and a fat-reducing design.
  • There are embedded heating elements with a non-Stick Coated surface and patented slope design.
  • The plates are removable and interchangeable.
  • Easy temperature control design and a temperature indicator light.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Floating Hinge35%100
Removable Plate20%100
Light Indicator10%95
Total Score100%96.75

  • The Indoor/Outdoor Grill from George Foreman is a larger electric grill with a stand and can easily be placed indoors and outdoors.
  • You can choose between a ceramic or non-stick plate for the grill grates.
  • It is a 12 serving larger grill with a 200 square inch cooking surface.
  • This grill is apartment-approved and comes with the patented fat reducing slope design and drip tray.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Floating Hinge35%100
Removable Plate20%100
Light Indicator10%95
Total Score100%96

  • The Platinum removable plate press grill from George Foreman is one of their most loved standard designs.
  • This option allows you to remove and interchange the plates for your requirements easily.
  • You can quickly cook four servings on this small tabletop grill.
  • Likewise, a tough non-stick coating on the grill and fat removing slope design with a drip tray.
  • You can purchase the grill in either a solid white or solid black color option.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Floating Hinge35%100
Removable Plate20%95
Light Indicator10%95
Total Score100%95

  • The nonstick coating makes cleanup a breeze.
  • As you cook, the patented slope design helps to remove fat and oil.
  • In no time, this powerful grill can prepare up to five servings.
  • The power indication and ready indicator lights are useful additions.
  • Your counter is kept neat with cord wrap and vertical storage.

  • From George Foreman, we also have their family-size model and electric countertop grill.
  • This grill has a larger 120 square inch cooking space and a non-stick coating with a fat release slope design.
  • The Floating hinge design accommodates thicker steaks and sandwiches.\There is also a drip tray for extra fats and a stay-cool handle for easy handling.

  • It is a two-serving small grill for George Foreman, the Classic design for two persons.
  • Small and compact with the patented slope design and fat tray at the bottom.
  • The plates are non-stick and durable, and the grill has to stay cool handles.
  • It is their original first grill, which is still very popular today.

  • This is an Electric grill designed by George Foreman and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.
  • The grill features 240 square inches of circular grilling surface and allows simultaneous cooking of up to 15+ servings.
  • It comes with a nonstick layer that makes it durable, easy to clean, and removes the need for butter and oil.
  • The grill features a temperature probe that lets you choose from five heat settings for optimum cooking results.

  • This is a Classic Plate Grill designed by George Foreman.
  • It also works as an electric Panini press, and the sloped grilling surface helps remove up to 42% of fat from meat.
  • The durable grill plate features 60 square inches of grilling surface that cooks up to 4 servings.
  • It is dishwasher-safe for convenience.

  • This is a Basic Plate Electric Grill designed by George Foreman.
  • It is designed to accommodate 9 servings of food with 144 square inches of cooking space.
  • The patented sloped design is for healthier cooking, and the drip tray is a dishwasher.
  • Its signature heating elements allow for even heat distribution and faster temperature recovery.

  • This is a George Foreman Smokeless Grill designed for cooking family-size meals with convenience.
  • It gives up to 85% less smoke than normal grills to decrease the smoke caused by sizzling.
  • The grill features a unique open plate design to allow the grease to drain into the drip tray, which is dishwasher safe.
  • It also includes digital controls for time and temperature for precise cooking.

Reviewed by: John Max Score: 98.5

The George Foreman 15 Serving Grill is an excellent choice for an apartment-approved indoor and outdoor grill and ideal for Tailgating.
  • An outdoor standing grill that is large enough for 15 servings.
  • The grill has a non-stick coated griddle that is easy to clean.
  • There are an adjustable temperature control setting and an included temperature probe with five settings.
  • The design is apartment-approved and safe to use.

The Plate Grill and Press design from George Foreman is large enough for five servings and offers you many versatile uses.
  • A five-serving tabletop design plate grill for the whole family.
  • The plates are removable for easy cleaning.
  • There is a premium Ceramic coating on the plates that are non-stick and stain and fade resistant.
  • The cool touch plastic grips on the plates make them very easy to handle.
  • The set also comes with a plastic drip tray.
  • You can use the grill in an upright or slanted position.

The Evolve Grill system has it all in one versatile grill model for all your baking and grilling requirements.
  • The evolve is a premium tabletop grill that comes in three color options.
  • They evolve four uses: a grill, panini press, baking dish, and muffin pan all in one design.
  • The luxury grill has an adjustable cooking angle for sloped grilling or upright cooking.
  • The hinges are adjustable and can accommodate thicker food cuts.
  • There is a digital control panel where you can set temperatures.
  • The grill can make up to five servings and has a spacious cooking area.
  • The plates are also removable for easy cleaning.

The George Foreman Indoor and Outdoor electrical Grill has a rectangular design and 12 servings.
  • This is the 12 serving smaller indoor and outdoor grill withstand by George Foreman.
  • It is also apartment-approved and portable.
  • The temperature controls allow you to adjust and set temperatures.
  • The grill has a non-stick coating that cleans easily.
  • There is a fat removing slope that is also adjustable and a drip tray is included.
  • The stand included is removable.

The Large-sized George Foreman outdoor and indoor Grill is ideal for the whole family and friends, as well as a great tabletop option.
  • This outdoor grill model is placed on a counter or top with a 15 serving grate.
  • It is apartment-approved and an excellent choice for tailgating.
  • The temperatures are adjustable with easy temperature control.
  • The grill also has the popular non-stick coating patented to this brand.
  • The grill can be used upright or sloped and comes with a drip tray.
  • A removable stand is included in the package if you need it for outdoor use.

Index Table: Top Rated George Foreman Grill Models

1George Foreman Evolve - Multi Plate Grill
  • Large Cooking Space
  • Outside Grease Tray
  • Even Heat Distribution
George Foreman96.75
2George Foreman Indoor Outdoor - Electric Grill
  • Stand
  • 12 Serving
  • Fat removing Slope
George Foreman96
3George Foreman Platinum - Removable Plate Grill
  • Removable Plates
  • Non-Stick Coating
  • Drip Tray
George Foreman95
4George Foreman 5-serving - Classic Plate Grill
  • Nonstick
  • Scratch Resistant
George Foreman97
5George Foreman GR35 - Electric Grill
  • Versatile
  • Drip Tray
  • Non-Stick Coated
George Foreman96
6George Foreman Classic - Two Server Grill
  • Serves Two
  • Compact
  • Original Shape
George Foreman95
7George Foreman GGR50B - Electric Grill
  • 15-Serving
  • Indoor/Outdoor
George Foreman97.5
8George Foreman GR340FB - Classic Plate Grill
  • Electric
  • Panini Press
George Foreman97.1
9George Foreman GR2144P - Basic Plate Electric Grill
  • 144-Square-Inch
  • 9-Serving
George Foreman96.8
10George Foreman GRD6090B - Family Size Smokeless Grill
  • 4-6 Servings
  • Digital Smart Select
George Foreman96.3
11George Foreman GGR50B - Indoor and Outdoor Grill
  • 15 Serving Grate
  • Color Options
  • Electrical Grill
George Foreman98.5
12George Foreman GRP472P - Press Grill
  • Plate Grill
  • Press
  • 5 Serving Size
George Foreman98.2
13George Foreman - Multi-Plate Grill
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Deep Dish Bake Pan
  • Muffin Pan
George Foreman97.4
14George Foreman GFO201R - Rectangular Indoor and Outdoor Grill
  • 12 Serving Grill
  • Rectangular Design
  • Fat removing Slope
George Foreman97.8
15George Foreman GFO240S - Indoor and Outdoor Grill
  • 15 Serving Size
  • Apartment Approved
  • Fat Removing Slope
George Foreman97

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